About HomeHype

Welcome to HomeHype, your space to discover and purchase the most innovative and exciting items for your room and home. At HomeHype , we are dedicated to transforming your living space into an oasis of comfort and unique style, offering you exceptional items designed to create an environment around your personality, with a character that is yours, providing you with products that are not only practical, but also irresistibly innovative.

About us?

We are a Mexican brand with the objective of transforming the environments of the homes and rooms of young Mexicans, giving them the newest, most innovative, original and recent items on the market. With HomeHype we want you to redesign your space, giving it an exclusive touch of who you are. Offering and satisfying the needs of our clients at all times.

What do we sell?

At HomeHype we sell customization and exclusivity for your home and room, with the latest and most innovative so that you can create an authentic space with the aim of having something that represents you more.

Why HomeHype?

What we do at HomeHype is with a single purpose, to give each person the opportunity to give a touch of decoration, personalization, change and innovation to their space, satisfying the need to have a change in your rest area, generating a change with what you like.

Discover a new way to turn your space into the environment you want with HomeHype and experience the difference with what gives you the quality of detail.